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In May, 2006 my (old) "A.J.'s Downloads site was closed.  

This page is to list the games that are being transferred to my domain. (May 15, 2006.) 

NOTE: ALL the old (replayable) games ... that were on the old "AJ's Downloads" site ... are here! This is just a list of the of the updated games! 

 These are the games that I have already reposted ... 
 AND changed all the links and stuff on that particular page.
  1. Adams - Torre. (New Orleans, LA; USA. 1920)  [Redone ... several times.] 

  2. Ponomariov - Ivanchuk.  (Linares, 2002.)  

  3. Pillsbury - Lasker. (Cambridge Springs, 1904.)  

  4. Lasker - Napier. (Cambridge Springs, 1904.) 

  5. Fischer-Geller. (Skopje, 1967.)  

  6. Pillsbury - Winawer. (Budapest, 1896.)  {Completely redone.}  

  7. J.R. Capablanca - S. Tartakower; (New York, 1924). {Completely redone.}  

  8. R. Reti - A. Alekhine; Baden-Baden / 1925.  

  9. H.N. Pillsbury - S. Tarrasch; Hastings; 1895. {Completely redone.}  

  10. Ed Lasker - Sir G.A. Thomas; London, 1912

  11. Lillienthal - Ragozin; Moscow, 1935.

  12. Torre - Lasker; Moscow, 1925

  13. Donald Byrne - Robert James FischerThe Rosenwald Tournament, 1956. ("The Game of The Century.")  [Redone.] 

  14. Robert Byrne - GM R.J. ("Bobby") Fischer; The U.S. Championship, 1963-64. (The other "Byrne-Fischer" game.) 

  15. GM Bent Larsen - GM Boris Spassky; << USSR vs. The "Rest of The World" >> / Belgrade, YUG; 1970.  

  16. Napolean Marache - Paul Morphy, Simultaneous Blindfold game, New Orleans, LA;  (USA)  1857.  (Redone.)  

  17. Rashid Nezhmetdinov - Oleg Chernikov; RFSR Team Tournament / USSR, 1962.  

  18. Stephen A. Muhammad - A.J. Goldsby I; PCC Quarterly - Summer, 2000. (js-replay; lightly annotated)  

  19. Stephen A. Muhammad - A.J. Goldsby I; PCC Quarterly - Summer, 2000. (text-based; fully annotated)  

  20. W. Steinitz - C. von Baredeleben; Hastings, 1895.  

  21. Karpov - Kasparov, Linares, 1993. A great win, Soltis ranks in the "Top 25" of thw whole of the 20th Century!!!! (Re-done - again - in March of 2014.) 

  22. Botvinnik - Portisch, Monaco; 1968. One of Botvinnik's prettiest wins, played near the end of his career. (Re-done - again - in March of 2014.) 

  23. Alekhine - Nimzovich; Bled, 1931. (text-based; fully annotated) 

  24. GM Frederich Samisch (2600) - GM Aaron Niemzowitsch (2730);  All-Master Tourney / Copenhagen, DEN; 1923.  
    This game is fully annotated and also updated. (This contest is known as "The Immortal ZUGZWANG Game.") 

  25. Vladimir Alortsev (2495) - GM Issac Boleslavsky (2680); [A53]  / U.S.S.R./Soviet Championships (Finals) / 
    Moscow, RUS;  1950. This could well be Boleslavsky's most brilliant game, you owe it to yourself to look at this one!  

  26. This is the  REPLAY PAGE ... for the following game:  
    Lev Polugaeyevsky (2730) - Rashid Nezhmetdinov (2500)/ [A53] / Russian Federation Championships, (R.S.F.S.R.)  
    Sochi, U.S.S.R. (Russia); 1958.(One of the most brilliant and interesting games of all time! FEROCIOUS TACTICS!!!)  

  27. GM J.R. Capablanca - M. Fonaroff;  / New York, (USA) / 1918.  
    A truly beautiful game of chess, by one of the greatest masters of all time. (No matter where or when it was played, or no matter what the conditions that it was played under.) 

  28. My win over NM Jerry Wheeler. (New Orleans, LA; 2001.)  

  29. One of the prettiest chess games you will ever see. Rubinstein - Hromadka; Mahrisch-Ostrau, 1923.(One of the great games by the evergreen master.)  [Redone.] 

  30. A model "King's Indian" game would have to be: Korchnoi - Fischer; World Blitz Champ/Hercig Novi / 1970. (A model game in the King's Indian.)  

  31. In 1922, Alekhine played what he considered to be his most brilliant game of chess ever, vs. his arch-rival: E. Bogojubow. (Click here - to see this marvelous game.)  

  32. Spassky - Bronstein / U.S.S.R. Championships / 1959-60. One of the most brilliant King's Gambit games ever played! 

  33. This  GAME  (Kasparov-Topalov; Wijk ann Zee, 1999); is considered - by many - to be the greatest game of chess ever played. Do YOU agree? 

  34. The following game,  (G. Rotlewi - A. Rubinstein; Lodz, Poland / 1907-08); is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful games of all time ... 
    and certainly one of the great Rubinstein's best and most beautiful games. It also contains a TON of sacrifices!!! Click  HERE  to check it out! 

  35. The great (and historic) game, Lasker - Portisch, Niksic, 1983.  (Click HERE.)  

  36. A very old ... but a very brilliant ... game of chess.  Em. Lasker - J.H. Bauer; Niksic, 1983.  

  37. Morphy vs. an amateur, 1858.  In this game, [King's Gambit]  one of SIX games played in a simultaneous blindfold exhibition, Morphy plays nearly perfect chess. 

  38. Boris Spassky - A. Aftonomov;  [D28] / Soviet Junior Qualifiers - Leningrad, U.S.S.R.; 1949.  A lovely game of chess, click here to see this gem.  

  39. Anderssen - Kieseritzsky; London, 1851.  Yhis is such a brilliant "partie" ... so long ago ... that it became known as ... "The Immortal Game."  (Click here.)  

  40. GM Anatoly Karpov (2720) - GM Garry Kasparov (2670)/ [B44] / World Championship Match II/ Moscow, (RUS); (Game # 16), 1985.  (Click here.) 

  41. Adolph Anderssen (2700) - Jean Dufresne (2525)/ [C52] / "The Evergreen Game"/ Berlin, GER (0.223) Club Game, 1852.  (Click here.) 

  42. It is a BEAUTIFUL game ... F. Lee - Em. Lasker; London / 1899. Now the web page has been redone, a counter added - and many other improvements. (See it.) 

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