GM Em. Lasker - NM J. Bauer; 
 Amsterdam, 1889. 

  White to play ... and begin one of the most astounding combinations of the whole of the 19th Century!! (lask-baue_rp1_2.gif, 16 KB)
White to move, what move would you play?

        Emmanuel Lasker - J.H. Bauer; 1-0  
(The first and original type of game for this genre. The great Lasker sacrifices with abandon, setting up a pattern that was to become the blueprint for this type of game.  
             Its echoes can be heard many years later - 
         over 100 years, to be exact!!   {A game was played in 2002 with this kind of sacrifice.}   Indeed, Garry Kasparov could   
             never have played his great brilliancy:  GM Garry Kasparov - GM Lajos Portisch; Niksic, 1983; without this great game.  So here is a game of the highest order of brilliancy ...   
             that has left its impression on virtually every Master and GM game that has followed it.  Is it Lasker's greatest brilliancy?  Somehow I doubt this - he played far too many   
             more contests and created many more games against much stronger players for this to be his greatest game.  But enjoy!  

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;  so that you can study this great game at your own pace. You many print out a copy of this game, as long this is ONLY  for your personal use, 
               and not given to anyone else.) 


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