GM Vassily Ivanchuk - GM Artur Yusupov  
(FIDE) Candidates Match;  
Play-off / tie-breaker game # 9, (Time Limit: 45 moves/1 hour) 
 Brussels, Belgium; 1991. 

 V. Ivanchuk (2680) - A. Yusupov (2585) 
Candidates Match
 Bruxelles, BEL; (#9), 1991

  1.c4 e52.g3 d63.Bg2 g64.d4 Nd75.Nc3 Bg76.Nf3 Ngf67.0-0 0-08.Qc2 Re89.Rd1 c6
  10.b3 Qe711.Ba3 e412.Ng5 e313.f4 Nf814.b4 Bf515.Qb3 h616.Nf3 Ng417.b5 g5  
  18.bxc6 bxc619.Ne5 gxf420.Nxc6 Qg521.Bxd6 Ng622.Nd5 Qh523.h4 Nxh424.gxh4   
  24...Qxh425.Nde7+ Kh826.Nxf5 Qh2+27.Kf1 Re628.Qb7 Rg629.Qxa8+ Kh730.Qg8+   
  30...Kxg831.Nce7+ Kh732.Nxg6 fxg633.Nxg7 Nf234.Bxf4 Qxf435.Ne6 Qh236.Rdb1 Nh3   
  37.Rb7+ Kh838.Rb8+ Qxb839.Bxh3 Qg3White ... Resigns   

   0 - 1   

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