GOTM - September, 2004.   (Re-play page.)  

  Andrei Volokitin - Vadim Malakhatko  

  A. Volokitin (2638) - V. Malakhatko (2555)  
  73rd National Championships / Kharkiv, UKR, (2.2); 27,08,2004.  

1.e4 c52.Nf3 e63.d4 cxd44.Nxd4 a65.Nc3 b56.Bd3 Qb67.Be3 Bc58.Be2 d6;  
9.0-0 Nc610.Nxc6 Qxc611.a4 b412.Nb5 Ke713.e5 d514.Nd4 Qc715.c4 bxc3;  
Bb417.bxc3 Ba318.Ra1 Bc519.c4 Bxd420.Qxd4 dxc421.Rac1 f622.Rxc4,  
22...Qxe523.Qxe5 fxe524.Bf3Black Resigns.

    1 - 0   

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