Mikhail Tchigorin - Harry N. Pillsbury

  Kaiser Jubilee Tournament/Vienna, Austria;  1898. 

  M. Tchigorin  (2675) - H.N. Pillsbury (2725)  
International Chess Tournament  (Kaiser Jubilee) 
 Vienna, {AUT}  (30), 13.07.1898 

1.e4 e52.f4 d53.exd5 e44.Bb5+ c65.dxc6 bxc66.Bc4 Nf67.d4 Bd68.Ne2 0-0;  
9.0-0 c510.d5 Nbd711.Bb3 c412.Bxc4 Bc5+13.Kh1 Nb614.Bb3 Ng415.Qe1 Nxd5
16.h3 Nde317.Bxe3 Nxe318.Nbc3 Nxf119.Nxe4 Bb620.Qxf1 Bb721.N2c3 Qh4;  
22.Nd5 Rae823.Ng5 h624.Nf3 Qg325.Ne5 Be326.Nd3 Re427.Qf3 Qxf328.gxf3 Ree8
29.Kg2 Bd430.c3 Bxd531.Bxd5 Re2+32.Kg3 Rd233.cxd4 Rxd334.Rc1 Rxd435.Rc5
35...Rd836.Bc4 Rd237.b4 g638.b5 Kg739.a4 h540.a5 h4+White Resigns.  

  0 - 1  

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