Tal - Uhlmann; 1971. 

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This game would have to be my PERSONAL choice ... for perhaps one of the finest and most brilliant short games ... ever played. 


  GM Mikhail Tal (2620) - GM Wolfgang Uhlmann (2570)  
 ICT / Alekhine Memorial 
  Moscow, USSR; (Round # 6) / 24,11,1971.   

1.e4 e62.d4 d53.Nd2 c54.Ngf3 Nc65.Bb5 dxe46.Nxe4 Bd77.Bg5 Qa5+8.Nc3 cxd49.Nxd4 Bb4;  
Bxc311.bxc3 Qxc312.Nf5 exf513.Re1+ Be614.Qd6 a615.Bd2 Qxc216.Bb4 axb517.Qf8+ Kd7;  
Kc719.Qxa8Black resigns

  1 - 0 

NOTE: I have deeply analyzed this game ... but never found the time to post all of my analysis, and it runs many, many pages. (Aug, 2005.) 

Until such time as I actually get around to building the web page, the greatly respected GM John Nunn does a wonderful job in his book, 
"101 Brilliant Chess Miniatures." (Game # 2) This book was released in 1999, and was published by Gambit Books. ISBN: # 1-901983-16-1. 

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