GM P. Svidler - GM A. Rustemov   

 German Team competition, Bundesliga 2003-04. 

  Peter Svidler (2747) - Alexander Rustemov (2585)  
Bundesliga 2003-4 
 Stuttgart, GER(Rd. # 8)14.02.2004 

1.e4 e6;   2.d4 d53.e5 b64.Nf3 Ne75.Nc3 Ba66.Bxa6 Nxa67.0-0 Qd78.Ne2 c5
9.dxc5 bxc510.Ng3 Qb511.b3 h612.c4 Qb713.Qe2 Rd814.Be3 Nc615.Rad1 d4
16.Bd2 Qc717.Nh5 Nab818.Rfe1 Nd719.Qe4 a520.h4 Rb821.Qg4 Rh722.Nf4,  
22...Kd823.Nd3 Be724.Rb1 Nb425.Qe4 Rh826.a3 Nxd327.Qxd3 Ke828.h5 Rb7
29.Qe4 Kf830.Bxa5 Qb831.b4 Rg832.bxc5,   Black Resigns

  1 - 0   

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