GM Alexander Shabalov - GM Hikaru Nakamura  

   Chicago Open / USA / 2004(re-play page)    

  GM Alexander Shabalov (2624) - GM Hikaru Nakamura; (2580);  
 The Chicago Open 
  Chicago, IL (USA);  (Round # 07), 31,05,2004. 

1.d4 Nf62.c4 g63.Nc3 d54.Nf3 Bg75.Qb3 dxc46.Qxc4 0-07.e4 Na68.Be2 c59.d5 e610.0-0 exd5
11.exd5 Bf512.Be3 Qb613.b3 Rfe814.Rad1 Ng415.Bd2 Rad816.Rfe1 Bd417.Nxd4 cxd418.Na4 Qc7
19.Bxg4 Qxc420.bxc4 Bxg421.f3 Bd722.Nb2 b523.Ba5 Rxe1+24.Bxe1 bxc425.Nxc4 Bb526.Rxd4 Bxc4
27.Rxc4 Rxd528.Bc3 Rd829.Bf6 Re830.Bd4 Nb831.Bxa7 Nd732.Bd4 Ra833.Rc7 Nf834.Ra7 Rd8
35.Be3 Kg736.a4 Ne637.a5 Rd338.Kf2 Ra339.Bb6 Rb340.Ke2 Kf841.Kd2 Ke842.Kc2 Rb443.Kc3 Rb1
44.Be3 Ra145.Kb2 Ra446.a6 Kd847.Ra8+ Kd748.a7 h549.Rb8 Nc750.Kb3 Ra151.h4 Ra652.Bf2 Ra1
53.Bb6 Kc654.Bxc7 Rxa755.Bf4 Kd756.Rb6 Ra157.Kc3 Rg158.Rb2 f659.Kd3 Rh160.g3 Ke661.Rb6+ Kf5
62.Bd2 Rd163.Ke2,   Black Resigns.  

       1 - 0   

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