GOTM - August, 2004.   (Re-play page.)  

  GM A. Morozevich (2743) - GM K. Sasikiran (2666)  
  ICT / Biel IT Chess Festival  
  Biel, SUI, (Round # 08)27,07,2004.  

1.e4 e52.Nf3 Nc63.Bb5 a64.Ba4 Nf65.0-0 Be76.Re1 b57.Bb3 d68.c3 0-09.h3 Nb810.d4 Nbd7;  
Bb712.Bc2 Re813.a4 Bf814.Bd3 c615.b3 g616.Bb2 Qb617.c4 Nh518.b4 Bg719.c5 Qc7;  
20.cxd6 Qxd621.dxe5 Qxb422.Ba3 Qc323.Bd6 Nxe524.Ra3 Qb225.Rb3 Qa226.Nxe5 Bxe5;  
Rxe528.Nc4 Re729.Ra3 bxc430.Rxa2 Rd831.Rd2 Red732.Qf3 Rxd333.Rxd3 Rxd3;  
Rd735.Qe2,  Black Resigns.  


  1 - 0  

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