GOTM - November, 2004(Re-play page.)     

  GM Alexander Morozevich - GM Vassily Ivanchuk,  
  (36th FIDE Olympiad in Calvia - Mallorca/ESP.); unannotated. 

  A. Morozevich (2758) - V. Ivanchuk (2705)  
  FIDE World Team Champ. / 36th Olympiad 
Calvia, ESP; (Round # 04) / 18.10.2004  

1.e4 c62.d4 d53.e5 Bf54.f4 e65.Nf3 c56.Be3 cxd47.Nxd4 Ne78.Bb5+ Nd79.0-0 a610.Be2 g5;  
11.g4 gxf412.gxf5 Nxf513.Nxf5 fxe314.Nc3 Rg8+15.Kh1 Qg516.Bf3 Nxe517.Qe2 Qxf518.Bxd5 Qh3;  
19.Bxb7 Ra720.Bf3 Bh621.Ne4 Ke722.Qe1 f523.Qb4+ Kf724.Qd4 Nxf325.Qf6+ Ke826.Qxe6+ Kf8;  
27.Qf6+ Rf728.Qd6+ Kg729.Rg1+ Kh830.Nf6,  and  White Resigns.  


  0 - 1  

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