Leitao - Baburin; 1998. 

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The "Chess-games" web site now has this game. (I submitted it to them several times ... before they finally carried it.)  (09/2005)  


I was asked by a friend, who made a sizeable donation ... to find the best miniature in Dr. John Nunn's book.  ("101 Brilliant Chess Miniatures.")  

It is also one of the prettiest of all time. (A few years ago, I made up a collection of 20 or so miniatures, all un-annotated. I sent them out to dozens of people, who were asked to pass them along to their friends as well. Several months later, the people had all voted, and this game was the clear winner. It IS extremely brilliant, contains many surprise moves, and is truly an inspired game. It is a great game of the highest caliber, very few master-level contests be superior to this one.) Certainly a great struggle, and a modern masterpiece.  


  GM Rafael Leitao (2515) - GM Alexander Baburin (2600)  
  "Match of the Countries" / Europe vs. The Americas  
  Mermaid Beach, Bermuda(Round # 6) / 26,01,1998.  

1.d4 d52.c4 dxc43.e3 e64.Bxc4 c55.Nf3 a66.0-0 Nf67.Nc3 b58.Bb3 Bb79.Qe2 Nbd710.e4 cxd4;  
11.Nxd4 Bc512.Be3 Qb613.Rfd1 Ne514.Rac1 Rc815.Na4 bxa416.Bxa4+ Ke717.Rxc5 Rxc518.Nb3 Rhc8;  
19.Nxc5 Rxc520.b4 Qxb421.Qd2,  "+/-"  Black Resigns.  

  1 - 0  

NOTE:  I have deeply analyzed this game ... but never found the time to post all of my analysis, and it runs many, many pages.  (Aug, 2005.)  

Until such time as I actually get around to building the web page, the greatly respected GM John Nunn does a wonderful job in his book, 
"101 Brilliant Chess Miniatures." (Game # 97) This book was released in 1999, and was published by Gambit Books. ISBN: # 1-901983-16-1.  

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