GM Garry Kasparov vs. Fritz_X3D  

  WCM, "Man versus Machine"  
  Game One (# 1)

GM Garry Kasparov (2830) - FRITZ_X3D (2675) 
Human vs. Computer/VR/3D, (Rd. #1); 11.11.2003


1.Nf3 d52.c4 c63.d4 Nf64.Nc3 e65.e3 Nbd76.Qc2 Bd67.g4 Bb48.Bd2 Qe7
9.Rg1 Bxc310.Bxc3 Ne411.0-0-0 Qf612.Be2 Nxf213.Rdf1 Ne414.Bb4 c5
15.cxd5 exd516.dxc5 Qe717.Nd4 0-018.Nf5 Qe519.c6 bxc620.Bxf8 Kxf8;  
Ndc522.Nxe4 Nxe423.Bd3 Be624.Bxe4 dxe425.Rf4 Bd526.Qc5+ Kg8
27.Rgf1 Rb828.R1f2 Qc729.Rc2 Qd730.h4 Qd831.g5 Bxa232.Rxe4 Qd3;  
33.Rd4 Qxe3+34.Rcd2 Qe1+35.Rd1 Qe3+36.R1d2 Qg1+37.Rd1, Draw agreed.   


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