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     GM Garry Kasparov (2813) - GM Alexey Dreev (2698)   
  57th National Championship Tournament  (Super-Final)   
  Moscow, Russia;   (Round #6),   21,11,2004.  

1.d4 d52.c4 c63.Nf3 Nf64.Nc3 e65.Bg5 h66.Bh4 dxc47.e4 g58.Bg3 b5;  
Bb710.h4 g411.Ne5 h512.f3 Nbd713.fxg4 hxg414.0-0 Nxe515.Bxe5 Nd7;  
Qxh417.Bxg4 Qxh818.e5 Nxe519.dxe5 Bc5+20.Rf2 Qxe521.Qe2 Qxe2;  
Rd823.Kf1 Bxf224.Kxf2 Ke7;  25.Ke3 a626.Rd1 Rxd127.Bxd1 f528.g4 fxg4;  
Kd630.Ne4+ Kd531.Bf3 Bc832.Bh5 a5;  33.Bf3 e534.Ng5+ Kc5;  
Kd536.a3 Ba637.Bh5 Bc838.Bf3 Ba639.Ng5+ Kc5;  40.Be2 Bc841.Nf7 b4;  
42.Nxe5 Be643.a4 c344.Nd3+ Kb645.bxc3 Bb346.c4 Bxa447.Kd4 Bc248.c5+ Kc7;  
49.Bf3 Bb350.Be4 Ba451.Kc4 Bc252.Bf3 Ba453.Ne5 Kb754.Be4 Kc755.Nf3 Bd1;  
56.Nd4 Ba457.Bc2 Bxc258.Nxc2 Kd859.Nd4Black Resigns.   


   1 - 0   

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