GOTM - October, 2004.  (Re-play page.)     

    P. Leko - V. Kramnik   

  GM Peter Leko (2741) - GM Vladimir Kramnik (2770);  
  Classical Chess World's Championships  
  Brissago, SUI(#05) / 02,10,2004.  

  1.d4 Nf62.c4 e63.Nf3 d54.Nc3 Be75.Bf4 0-06.e3 c57.dxc5 Bxc58.cxd5 Nxd5;  
exd510.a3 Nc6;  11.Bd3 Bb612.0-0 Bg413.h3 Bh514.b4 Re815.Rc1 a6;  
Rxa617.b5 Rxa318.bxc6 bxc619.Rxc6 Ra720.Rd6 Rd721.Qxd5 Rxd6;   
  22.Qxd6 Qxd623.Bxd6 Bxf324.gxf3 Bd825.Rb1 Bf626.Kg2 g627.f4 Kg7;  
Re629.Rd7 Re830.Ra7 Re631.Bc5 Rc632.Ra5 Bc333.Rb5 Ra6;  
Bf635.Rb8 h536.Rb5 Bc337.Rb3 Bf638.e4 Ra539.Be3 Ra440.e5 Be7;  
Kf842.Rb8+ Kg743.Kf3 Rc444.Ke2 Ra4;  45.Kd3 Bh446.Bd4 Ra3+;  
Ra2+48.Kd3 Ra3+49.Kc4 Ra4+50.Kd5 Ra5+51.Kc6 Ra452.Kc5 Be7+;  
  53.Kd5 Ra5+54.Ke4 Ra455.Rc8 Bh456.e6+ Bf657.e7 Rxd4+58.Ke3 Bxe7;  
Bh460.f3 f561.Rc7+ Kf662.Kd5 Bg363.Rc6+ Kg764.Ke5 h4;  
Kh666.Rc4 Kg767.Ke6 Bh268.Rc7+ Kh669.Kf7,   Black Resigns.  


   1 - 0   

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