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  REFERENCE BOOKS  that I own on the Grunfeld (Defense) Opening.  

  General Reference Books  

I own many / most / all of the major reference books, at least those that were printed in English. 

These include the "basics" ... i.e. the standard opening reference books that any serious chess player should own. 
(I give them in descending order, starting with the book that was published the most recently.) 

  1. "Modern Chess Openings, (MCO) 14th Edition,"  by  GM Nick de Firmian  and also Walter Korn. (© 1999) 

  2. "Nunn's Chess Openings, (NCO) {First Edition}"  by  GM John Nunn.  (© 1999)  

  3. "Encyclopedia of Chess Openings." (ECO) (Many editions.) Published by the folks who also bring you the well-known 'INFORMANT' ... out of the {former} country of Yugoslavia.  (A MUST for any aspiring master!)  

  4. "Standard Chess Openings," (SCO) by  Eric Schiller.  (© 1998)  Printed by Cardoza Publishing, NY/USA. 

  5. "Batsford Chess Openings, (BCO) Second Edition."  (© 1989)  [Published by Batsford Chess Books.]  
     By  GM Garry Kasparov  and also  GM Raymond Keene.  

  6. I also have (MUCH) older books ... by Reshevsky, R. Fine, Fred Reinfeld, I.A. Horowitz. 
    (Most of these books only give sketchy coverage ... at the very best of this opening.) 

I also own dozens of other books that touch on the opening. These include 30-50 Informants, 15-20 NIC Yearbooks, all seven volumes of the PCN annual issues, and many other books that touch on game collections or the openings. 

I use the top three books in this list on an almost daily basis. The top two I have reviewed for Amazon books.  

Many of the books - like the Informants - have excellent analysis in them. Many of the other books - like the NIC Yearbooks and the PCN Annuals - have DETAILED theoretical articles in them! I also have many other books, like game collections, that also contain very good and detailed analysis of the opening.  (I also have hundreds of magazines (pi) as well, such as 'Chess Life' and 'Inside Chess.')  

  Two of my Favorite Books  (Highly recommended!!!)  

# 1.)   "The Grunfeld Defence," by IM William R. Hartston. (© 1971) 
Printed in Great Britain for C.D. Published by Chess Digest, Inc. PO Box 21225; Dallas, TX 75211 (Some book dealers still might have copies of this book. One word of warning, it is very old and it is also in descriptive notation.) 

# 2.)   "Understanding the Grunfeld," by GM Jonathan Rowson. (© 1999) 
Published by Gambit Books, Inc. Kensington - London, England/UK. ISBN # 1-901983-09-9 (flex-cover) 


As of late February, 2005 ... these are the oldest and (mostly) the newest Grunfeld books that I own. These books are also the best ... for many other reasons. (Total coverage of the opening, explanation of ideas, more organized layout, best analysis, annotated games, etc. I could go on and on, but by now you should get the general idea.) 

  A complete list of all the Grunfeld books that I own.  

  Below are all the books on this opening that I own, other than the two already listed, (just above).  

  1. "The Grunfeld Defense,"  (A Quantitative Analysis of The Opening); From the program conceived by David Levy, Kevin O'Connell and also David Watt. (1981)  Published in Great Britain by <Imprint Capablanca.> 

  2. "Grunfeld Defence: Exchange Variation," FM Malcolm Pein; (1981). Published by Batsford Books. (ENG) 

  3. "Winning with the Grunfeld," by Andras Adorjan and Jeno Döry. (1987)  Collier Books, Macmillian Pub. (NY) 

  4. "Grunfeld Defense, Russian Variations," (Revised 2nd edition,) by Eric Schiller. (1988) Chess Enterprises. (USA) 

  5. "The Grunfeld Defense," by GM L. Shamkovich and Cartier; (1997). Printed by Hays Publishing. 

  6. "The Grunfeld for the Attacking Player," by GM Bogdan Lalic, (1997). Published by I.C.E, Inc. for Batsford. 

  7. "Fianchetto Grunfeld," by A. Mikhalchisin and A. Belyavsky; (1998). Published by Cadogan Books. (London) 

  8. I also have many pamphlets ... maybe 20-30. (Far too many to even try and list here!)  

  Copyright (©) A.J. Goldsby, 2012. All rights reserved.    

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