Nezhmetdinov - Chernikov; 
 RFSR Team Championships, 1962 

IM Rashid Nezhmetdinov (2650) -
SNM Oleg Chernikov (2525) 
Russian Federated Team Champ. Rostov-on-Don, 1962


One of the most brilliant and original games ever played ... by one of the most feared and ferocious attackers who ever played the game.

(I tried to annotate this game ... {HERE} based 
 mostly on Nez's own notes and comments.) 

1.e4 c52.Nf3 Nc63.d4 cxd44.Nxd4 g6;  

5.Nc3 Bg76.Be3 Nf67.Bc4 0-08.Bb3!? Ng4!?
A line that was very popular when this game was played.

9.Qxg4 Nxd410.Qh4!?,  {Diagram?} 
The theory of the day thought that this move gave no more than a draw. 

     [ Recommended was:  >/=  10.Qd1!, "+/=" ]  


10...Qa5!?11.0-0 Bf6!?12.Qxf6!!; {D?} 
Simply astounding. 
(When it comes to this game, most of my superlatives
 are simply extraneous.) 

     [ 12.Qh6 Bg7; 13.Qh4 Bf6; "=" ] 


12...Ne2+!13.Nxe2 exf614.Nc3! Re8!?{D?} 
GM A. Soltis (and others) question this and
recommend ...d5! instead. (I hasten to add this 
{...Re8} is a natural-looking move here; and that 
all the strong computer programs evaluate this 
position as   WINNING   ... for Black!!!) 

     [ >/=  14...d5!;  "~" ]  


White now logically focuses all of his forces against 
the f6-square. 
15.Nd5 Re616.Bd4 Kg717.Rad1 d6; {D?} 
This is probably best. 
(Most of the other moves lose quickly.)  

18.Rd3!, {Diagram?} 
The best move here - according to Nezhmetdinov. 

     [ 18.f4!? ]  


18...Bd719.Rf3 Bb5!?20.Bc3! Qd8;  
Not only does it rain ... it pours. A deluge, in fact. 

     [ 21.Re1!? ]  


White now finishes the game ... 
with an incredible flurry of tactical strokes. 
21...Be2!22.Nxh7+! Kg8[]23.Rh3! Re5[]
24.f4! Bxf1!?25.Kxf1 Rc826.Bd4!! b5!?
27.Ng5! Rc728.Bxf7+!! Rxf729.Rh8+! Kxh8;  
30.Nxf7+ Kh731.Nxd8 Rxe432.Nc6 Rxf4+
33.Ke2 , ("+/-")  Black Resigns.  
White has a won game. 

A truly amazing game with a very original combination and a wonderful and problem-like finish. 

 1 - 0 

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